Complex evaluation of Russian Psovy Borsois

Rules of assignment of titles


Show shedule for 2004


Regional monopedigree show of club "Prostor of name I.B.Solov'ev"
Moscow, 8 May 2005 . judge: Dominique-Patrick Faure (France)

Regional monopedigree show of club "Borzoi"
December, 25, 2004 ; Moscow, judge Estrina I., Russia

Championship of 10 groups
July, 10, 2004, Moscow

08.11.2004 Regional Monobreed Show, Club "Borzois", Moscow

10.07.2004 Championship of 10 groups, Moscow

10.07.2004 Cup De Norois, Moscow

14.12.2003 Speciality Show

18.10.2003 Club Championship - Pershino Club

18.10.2003 Speciality Show

18.10.2003 Sheremetjevs memorial Show

20.09.2003 Speciality Show

10.05.2003 Borsois of Povolzje


Club Champions 2006

Champions of the breed (complex evaluation from: 1. Origin, 2. Exterior, 3. The Hunting quality, 4. Progeny (6 best, which have shows evaluation and hunting diploma)
The whole 160 champions (1943-2004)

On March, 16, 2005

List of dogs of International Club, which have a rank of Champion of National Club of the breed
On March, 16, 2005

Champions titles in 2004

Club Champions

Champions of breed

Dogs wich have prize Pershino Standard



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