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About Kennel "Borzoi Romanovs"

The first borzoi has appeared in my house casually, 24 years ago though i've always loved this breed and dreamed to have it in the house. now, when many years passed i understand that it couldn't be accidental!
In severe winter of 1978 when sometimes temperature fell 30-35 degrees below zero, i went with 3 year old son along the street. Suddenly, my sight has fallen on a large red dog, which eated something about sloppail, in a territory of a children's garden.

turgai, 1977 We came closer and with surprise i have seen russian psovy borzoi. I looked around and could not find anybody from the people beside, i have taken leather from a fur's coat of my son and has called a dog. Dog approached to me, i put on his neck this extemporary collar and we went home. I searched for dog's owners for a long time but no luck. I named him turgai. We got used to each other slowly. It was an absolutely inoffensive dog but without any personality. Probably he changed several owners during his not such a long life...

After turgai we had the small silvery poodle lizzi, which had faster "borzoi's" character and Asmodei - black and white male of russian psovy borzoi. Unfortunately, he early died. It was very difficult to lose the pets, losing them, we lose a piece of the soul and any new life which occurs in your house will not fill losses of old friends. The pain remains forever.

full ch. ouragan de norois, 1989 But the life is life and ouragan appeared in our house from the swiss kennel "De Noroi" of Ursula Vera Trueb.
It was the dog, perfect hunter, complete advantages and any man's force. The ouragan caused respect for itself not bodeful by a kind and growl, which stand all at their places. He was something in eyes, that spoke about him, as about the indivifullity. This surprising dog, which did not regret itself in fields. He pursued all, what moved, not looking on ground, on difficulty, which arose at him ways. In those moment, he forgot in the field about everything, about the life, about the world, about everything, that surrounded him. He saw only purpose and ran to it so quickly, that once him have compared to a bullet which is taking off from a gun. He was white and red, he had wonderful exterior and was very nice.
This dog had skill. by inherent quality, which is given not to everyone. Skill this feeling, which helps a dog to guess a trajectory of an animal, escaping from him.

bursh, 1986 After him, in 6 months was born long a waited black male. I dreamed of a black dog. I named him Bursh. The black dogs in russia in those years was very seldom. We had white and black, black was the large rarity. My Bursh had type of a dark dogs of Pershino Hunt, so sad old people, which know old borzois type from really adepts of this breed. Such that Sumarokova N., mamontjv and other. Mother of mine Bursh was black Viushka, the grand daughter of Babinja De Norois, which brought from the same swiss kennel “De Norois”, and father red granat - son of Barinja De Norois. But not only i waited for these pups, Ursula V.Trueb has taken from this litter unique black and tan female, which i have named Bagira, having taken two pups from the owner of Viushka.

full ch. seabury's lana, 1989 What strong female's blood would not collide with mine Burshik's blood, all pups, that was born from him, he has given brilliance, aristocratic sight. All his children were so Similar, that all of them seemed occur from one mother. Now, when his grandsons and great-grandsons have appeared, i can tell with confidence, that he is an embodiment of a phenomenon blood "De Noroi" in Russia. But all is not simple so, you see, Bursh and Bagira had 2:3 inbreding on Champion of breed Barinja De Norois, which was the daughter of blackx tan Odessa De Norois, which was born in "De Norois" kennel of Ursula V.Trueb.

In 1989 i took Seabury’s Lana, which was born in the american kennel "Seabury's" oconed by doctor James D. Sillers. And, if to be exact, Dr. James D. Sillers has presented her for me. After that in some years - her pups, “grandpups” and “grand grandpups”. Feature of my kennel is the breeding according to bloodlines, without extensive afflux of another blood. at this work the fifth generation of dogs is already received.

There are more than 20 Champions of Russia in my kennel. My dogs are Champions of other countries, Grand Champions, Champions of National Club, they get CACibs.
21 dogs are full Champions.
in Russia it is a 'complex' title that requires following points:
1. 4 generations pedigree
2. mark for conformation
3. hunting diplomas (open coursing to real game - hare, fox, wolf)
4. 6 best offsprings that have marks for conformation and hunting diplomas


list of champions from “borzoi romanovs” kennel

5 x full Champion Luk
(CH. Ouragan de Noroi x CH. Krasa Nenagliadnaia)

7 x full Champion Gospodin Altist Danilov
(Bursh x Divnaia)

Full Champion Itil
(Bursh x Zavlada)

Full Champion Ouragan De Norois
(Barin De Grand Venue x Petrushka De Stanovoy)

Class of Champions Bursh
(Granat x Championviushka)

Russian Champion, 5 x full Champion Seabury’s Lana
(Seabury’s Silver Streakx Seabury’s Lara)

Full Champion Romanovs Temian
(Pasko Van Troybhiko x CH. Seabury’s Lana)

Full Champion Romanovs Tamarisk
(Pasko Van Troybhiko x CH. Seabury’s Lana)

Full Champion Romanovs Tirana
(Pasko Van Troybhiko x CH. Seabury’s Lana)

Russian Champion, 4 x full Champion Romanovs Zveroboy
(bursh x CH. seabury’s lana)

Grand Champion, full Champion, Russian Champion, Belarus Champion
Champion of National Club, Champion of Chernozemie
Sashenka Zlinskaia

(CH. Romanovs Tamarisk x Viuga)

Russian Champion, full Champion, Champion of Chernozemie Alkid Silk
(Championromanovs Tamarisk x Champion Tzarina Silk)

Russian Champion, full Champion Arapka Silk
(CH. Romanovs Tamarisk x CH. Tzarina Silk)

Russian Champion, full Champion Vizantiya Silk
(CH. Romanovs Tamarisk x CH. Tzarina Silk)

Russian Champion Zagadai
(CH. Romanovs Tamarisk x Zagadka)

Russian Champion Zadumka
(CH. Romanovs Tamarisk x Zagadka)

Russian Champion Pogrom
(CH. Romanovs Temian x CH. Hazarka)

Russian Champion Barklai
(CH. Romanovs Temian x Taiza Zlodeika)

Russian Champion, Belarus Champion, full Champion Igrai Kaskad
(CH. Romanovs Temian x Karmen Igraika)

Russian Champion, Belarus Champion Igrai Kudeiar Sapega
(CH. Romanovs Temian x Karmen Igraika)

Belarus Champion Igrai Korsar
(CH. Romanovs Temian x Karmen Igraika)

Belarus Champion Igrai Klen
(CH. Romanovs Temian x Karmen Igraika)

Grand Champion, Russian Champion, Champion of National Club Shustra
(CH. Romanovs Temian x Nasta)

Russian Champion, 4 x full Champion, 3 best stud male Goritzvet Silk
(CH. Romanovs Temian x Irma Silk)

Russian Champion, Prise “Pershino Standard” Borzoi Romanovs Santar
(CH. Alkid Silk x CH. Sashenka Zlinskaia)

Russian Champion Borzoi Romanovs Santara
(CH. Alkid silk x CH. Sashenka Zlinskaia)

Grand Champion, Russian Champion, Champion of RKF, Champion of National Club Borzoi Romanovs Soika
(CH. Romanovs Zveroboy x CH. Sashenka Zlinskaia)

Grand Champion, Russian Champion, Champion of National Club Borzoi Romanovs Svetoch
(CH. Romanovs Zveroboy x CH. Sashenka Zlinskaia)

Champion of South Africa Borzoi Romanovs Sibir
(CH. Romanovs Zveroboy x CH. Sashenka Zlinskaia)

Russian Champion, Belarus Champion Borzoi Romanovs Andromaha
(CH. Romanovs Zveroboy x Zanoza Is Solotoi Svory)

Young Champion of Russia Borzoi Romanovs Infanta
(CH. Goritzvet Silk x CH. Borzoi Romanovs Santara)

Full Champion Romana
(CH. Alkid Silk x Agasha)

Inna Estrina and...
Inna Estrina and (from the ledt to right) CH. Igrai Kudeiar Sapega, CH. Igrai Kaskad, CH. Borzoi Romanovs Andromaha, CH. Sashenka Zlinskaya and her son Borzoi Romanovs Adonis

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Russian Psovy Borzoi kennel "Borzoi Romanovs", owner Inna Estrina. E-mail: tel: +7 (495) 381-43-62

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